4 Responses to “Outside The Greek Orthodox Church Of Saint John The Baptist In Las Vegas”

  1. Scotty Sarah Asher Graham

    I love the pics of Shawna in her toe shoes. Whos that big ugly guy next to Shelley in front of the church :)

  2. Nadia

    gorgeous photos Sakis! Shawna is a babe, I miss Ya ya and you look like a real Greek man with the gold on your neck.

  3. Athanassios (Sakis) Salamanopoulos

    Sarah, no pictures of Shelley with a big ugly guy in front of the church....and Nadia thanks for reminding me that i look like a real Greek man. We missed you all and hope to see you soon.

  4. Heeeeeeere's Johnny!

    I like the photo of everybody in front of the church, ya'll look good in the photo! Why does the asian couple look familiar? Oh wait, those are my good looking in-laws. hahaha.

    Sakis...you're looking younger these days without that wild shrub/chia pet thing that you call a beard. LOL. The photo I'm using is of you at your son's baptismal!

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