The Most Beautiful Ballerina Ever

Author: Athanassios (Sakis) Salamanopoulos


4 Responses to “The Most Beautiful Ballerina Ever”

  1. Kristy Yates

    Hey! I wish I had a girl so I could have her in dance classes too! Instead I am stuck attending nothing but sporting events! How are you? I am glad to hear you are back at the Willeys. We will be there in Vegas May 2nd-5th.You and William could golf then.

  2. Athanassios (Sakis) Salamanopoulos

    I will take up the offer but i wont be nice 2 him.....I will teach him how to golf

  3. Nadia

    Very lovely. brings back memories of my ballet days. Shawna is made for the stage!

  4. Tyler and Mindy

    Oh, that ballerina is precious!! Tyler had a blast golfing with you the other day.

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